First week – What a ride

September 13, 2007

Here we are – after a year of development, we have started emailing some friends – musicians and bloggers – to come check out Karmafan.

We have some issues to be resolved, but gee its fun times.

Issue number 1 – We used openlaszlo to generate a flash widget. By jove its a pain. We can’t figure out now what laszlo generated swf wont load on IE. Our solution – dump laszlo, we are gonna use flash. We tried our best to use opensource tools, but we are under stress now. Need a widget quick, and flash seems our best friend.

Issue numero duo – Damn SSL certificate. Damn SSL certificate. Its taking ages to get it. We plan on replacing our self signed one with a trial one from thawte, so this should start behaving properly in the next few hours.


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