New artists

October 17, 2007

We’ve had a busy couple of weeks, with a number of artists signing up each day, from established musicians with a long history of performing around the world, to independent musicians just starting out.

Carlos de Nicaragua “has been a songsmith, poet, musician, political activist for justice and equal rights most of his 50 years”. He was one of the first to feel a “Positive Vibration” about Karmafan and to really understand what we’re trying to do.

Eoin Dillon, one of the founder members of Kíla, loved the idea of as many people as possible being able to hear his music.

Jalebi were also very positive about Karmafan and wrote to say “thank you and congratulate for offering a much needed service to artists, musicians and all other creative individuals who have talents and services that people around the world appreciate and would like to support”

Francesco Amico was one of the first musicians to get involved, and has been very encouraging. He’s based in Dublin and is a member of the “The Young Composers Collective” (YCC), a non-profit organisation of composers whose mission is to promote new music in Ireland.

Greg Gobel is another member who joined Karmafan at an early stage. Greg plays his “homebrewed acousto-funk” in Madrid and organises open mic sessions for local musicians.

Dave Flynn really gets the idea: “If you don’t want to buy the CD but like the music then why not consider donating something to Dave via karmafan. Karmafan let’s you donate any amount to Dave, even 10 cents, every little helps you know!”

Others are at the beginning of their careers, such as Catriona. She’s 14 but has a great voice and, as “the granddaughter of legendary Latin recording artist, Alberto Vazquez”, she also has a strong family connection to making great music.

Would love to write something about each artist but there’s plenty of work to do. We’ll definitely make time to mention in more detail the artists who have signed up, but for now will just post a quick list in no particular order of some of the more recent members.

Michael Riversong
Carlo Capocasa
soo p and the outsider
Mike Borgia

URR Records


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