Product update

October 24, 2007

Just a quick post about a few changes and upgrades we’ve made over the last few days.

Fans can now give an artist a single voluntary payment without topping up or joining Karmafan. Their support is anonymous but it’s the quickest way to send support.

A lot of artists who use have asked us about getting support through Karmafan. We’ve updated our verification process to include and we’re adding more sites all the time. If you would like us to include a particular music showcase site you use to promote or distribute your work, e-mail us at

For anyone who prefers not to use Flash, we now have a DHTML/AJAX widget available. This will not work on MySpace, as they don’t allow DHTML widgets, but of course the Flash widget will continue to work as normal on MySpace profiles and any other site. Both types of widget are shown on the right.


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