Karmafan in the Irish Times

November 23, 2007

We were mentioned in Jim Carroll’s column in the Ticket today:

Sounds like he really gets the idea:

Instant Karma for new bands

David Barton and Kulpreet Singh believe that every struggling new band out there needs a Karmafan or two.

That’s the name of the new service from the Dublin-based duo aimed at bands interested in seeing if Radiohead’s tip-jar approach to getting fans to pay for music might also work for them.

Karmafan’s free-to-use service allows people to make voluntary payments to bands if they like their music.

Fans can set up accounts with the service, top it up with a credit card or Paypal payment, and then spread the love among acts they like, provided the band in question are sporting a Karmafan button on their website, MySpace or blog.

Barton and Singh won’t take a cent from these micro-payments, believing that the idea of tips also applies to them.

“If an artist believes that Karmafan has helped them, then they can give something back.”

More information from http://www.karmafan.com


2 Responses to “Karmafan in the Irish Times”

  1. This is really a good idea, I am possibly going to follow it…

  2. Today Radio Popolare (Milan, Italy) talked a lot and very well about Karmafan.
    I’m a painter, so I subscribed!

    Thanks and good work.

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