Violinist Tasmin Little embraces the idea of giving away music with this three step challenge:

Step 1: Listen to my spoken introduction and download my CD.
Step 2: Take some time to listen and get to know these pieces. Then write to me and tell me what you like (or don’t like) about each piece.
Step 3: Go to a concert, buy a CD or write and tell me what barriers still remain to prevent you from wanting to do either!

The download page is really well-presented and the music is available in lots of different formats. Her introductory PDF explains the principles behind the release and gives a huge amount of background info.

The recordings are excellent. It’s inspiring to see an artist take a leap of faith like this. I’m sure it will lead to more fans who want to attend concerts and either buy her CD or just give something back!

Check out The Naked Violin here.